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Moving to My Own Place and PICTURES

To those of you who read my other blog Maxing the Minimal, this won't be news. I'm moving into a new place of my own (finally) on March 1. I will have a nice yard to work with, albeit not much sun, but mostly pines, so not so bad. I'll finally be getting back to this blog. I should have posted more here,  but the gardening situation here has been horrific, so I didn't even want to talk about it. Needless to say, it's been mostly just trying to keep my plants alive, but I did get a couple of beds done, so I'll post those before I leave.

For now, here are a few plants I am growing here. I'll be posting many more pictures now that I have a better camera -- maybe even a video or two.

Stay tuned! and check out the new blog. It's outlining my purge of material possession and the move into my new home.

Silver Queen Sansevieria and Bromeliad Just Starting to Bloom

Neoregelia Bromeliad

Yellow Thai Crown of Thorns
Double Purple Datura