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Garden Diary: March 7, 2017

Pigeon Pea Flowers

I've finally started working in the gardens, and so far, I've gotten a lot done. Unfortunately, I am not pleased with the camera on my phone, so don't have a lot of pics for you today. I'm going to have to
break down and buy a battery charger and proper batteries for my camera if I want decent pictures.

I took out the papaya today, and replaced it with a rooted limb of the pink angel trumpet (Brugmansia) and a rooted cutting of the Hibiscus radiatus (burgundy flowers). I figured if one wasn't blooming the other would be, so there would always be flowers. Plus, I can keep them trimmed so they don't get higher than the wall and shade the courtyard.

Some things are starting to flower, like the pigeon pea above and this red crown of thorns. The yellow one I left out in the south facing garden made it through the winter fine, so I may put this one in the ground out thre too. It's a pretty plant, but I was thinking of selling it, because it's so painful to work with.

Red Thai Crown of Thorns
The green wandering jew I planted under the hibiscus last year is starting to bloom. I need to go rake up the leaves under there this week, because I don't want to smother the other pretty things like the peacock ginger that will be coming up soon.

I noticed that the border grass on the corner of the walkway was getting trampled. I'm sure it's the neighbors. I've already had the girl tell me it was "unacceptable" that they had to walk single file on the VERY  narrow walkway so as not to crush my plants, so I put this up. Hope they get the message. The hole is to allow water to run through. Yes, this is how the outside garden looks after the winter, but it will soon be gorgeous again.

I'm really glad I took a chance on the SuperSweet 100 cherry tomatoes this year. They are growing like mad and setting dozens of fruits, so I think they will see me through the summer. The Cherokee Purple has sprouted two branches and both are blooming. I started pruning the tomatoes this year, and it's really helped them set more fruit and be more productive.

I have so many plans for the garden this year, but it will be a lot of work, and I've wasted a lot of time this winter doing nothing. Just wasn't motivated, but hopefully, it will go quickly now in the next couple of months.

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