Review: Burpee Long Purple Organic Eggplant

First Eggplant from the Bush. None Got Much Larger than This

Well, I'm giving up on my eggplant finally. For background, I wanted to grow Asian eggplant, which I hadn't grown in many years. I had previously grown Ichiban, but it seems Monsanto bought that and took it off the market because it wasn't viable for commercial growing. I hate Monsanto -- but I digress. I planted late this year, so I just went to WalMart and bought Burpee Long Purple Organic eggplant seeds.

RIP Orchid Cactus

Once upon a time, I lived in a beautiful place called SW Florida. At one time, I worked at a garden center, where I was able to get snips and bits of this and that. My yard was full of beautiful plants. One of my proudest achievements was growing an epiphyllum from a tiny piece of leaf that had broken off and fallen on the ground in the garden center greenhouse.