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Weeds, weeds, more weeds, and sore muscles

I weeded a large section of the front yard yesterday - the garden to the right of the driveway. It desperately needed it, because it's hard for me to work outdoors in the summer due to my lupus, so it was horribly overgrown. The next door neighbor is putting his house up for sale, so he asked us to clean it up. The picture was taken months ago. The bags of soil were dumped there by my roommate, and since she isn't about to do any manual labor, they are still there. I'll move those tomorrow, because like I said -- she ain't gonna do it!

I started by digging up a ton of bermuda grass, which will just come up again next year if I don't take some drastic measures to insure it doesn't. I took out some giant cactus that are not what I wanted, and don't have gorgeous, large, red fruit and beautiful flowers like I thought they would. Took out a large perennial hibiscus that was overtaking the driveway. Pulled out some old, dried-up crabgrass and trimmed the dead leaves off of the banana trees, during which time I discovered that someone (probably my brainless roommate) had ripped some banana leaves down, leaving huge wounds into which ants were already climbing intent on killing the plants. I'm probably going to just sell the banana plants. They are MINE, after all; came from my old house. I will sell most of them to someone who will dig them, and move a couple to a place where they are farther away from people who don't know what they are doing (like my roommate).

I still have a ton to do out front. I'm glad the horrid looking back yard (not my responsibility) is hidden by a stockade fence, because trust me, if a prospective buyer saw THAT mess, they would run the other way quickly. The entire back yard needs to be pulled up and started over, but like I said, not my responsibility. I'll do the front, because I like the neighbor and really want him to be able to sell his house. His wife is fighting cancer, so they need the money, I'm sure. Plus, he is just very nice.

Of course, I worked too hard. I was angry at the time, which is when I tend to overdo things trying to work off the energy. I'm sore today, despite having slept on a heating pad last night. I'll survive, though, and the yard looks a lot better.

Stretching Your Food Stamp Dollars: Grow Your Own Microgreens Indoors or Out

Microgreens are something anyone can grow in a sunny window, balcony or outdoors with very little gardening know-how. Microgreens provide nutrition and fiber to your diet that you don't get in cheap, processed foods. To make them even more amazing, they grow to edible size in as little as two weeks! Kids love helping to grow them, and love eating them. You can easily grow many dollars worth of greens for your family quickly, even without a yard or garden.

For more information, read this article I wrote on the Survival Food Gear Blog.

Microgreens, A Fast Food