What IS Gardening, Really?

When we think of gardening, we think of yards full of lovely landscaping, flowers and -- more and more lately -- vegetables and fruits. But does only gardening on a small scale, or gardening indoors make you any less of a gardener?

Due to physical limitations, I'm seriously considering giving up on any large-scale gardening projects. I looked at a house the other day with a beautiful, big sunny front yard and was excited until I realized how much work it would be to turn that into anything worth looking at. I want the house for the interior space, but tackling that front yard would probably be too much for me.

I knew I would get to this point sooner or later. I've fought it for so long, thinking I could "fix" myself so that I could garden outdoors again, but it just isn't going to happen. I have to face the fact that I have a progressive, degenerative disease and my time being strong is over. I have to adjust and adapt.

I will never give up teaching people about gardening, so that is what this blog is going to become; a teaching tool. I'm going to go back to the basics and write more of the how-tos that gardeners seem to love so much. I've moved to an entirely different zone and climate, so I will be writing on North Florida gardening, and maybe once in awhile, throw in a little South Florida gardening just for fun. I'll spend more time on the gardening groups I started and let fall by the wayside, and build them up.

As for what I will grow, because I can't stop growing entirely, I'll go back to my mini African violets. I used to love growing those tiny beauties, and this is a perfect opportunity to get back into them.

It's tough getting to this point. I never thought I'd ever stop gardening, but looking back on the past few years, I can see that it has been coming all along. I just refused to admit it to myself.