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Garden Diary - September 21, 2016

Crocosmia Rescued From Trash Pile

I've been looking at my big "experiment" and thinking that much needs to change for next year. I stuck things here and there to see what they thrived, but once everything dies back, I'm going to be moving a lot of them.

Brugmansia - I don't need four pink angel trumpets, so I'll be
selling or giving away three of them. I thought about planting them somewhere else on the property, but decided against it.
Amaryllis - I have so many Amaryllis, I don't know what to do with them. I have to find another place just for them. I'm thinking of digging up about 3 more feet in the outside garden and planting them there, a nice mixture of them.
Crocosmia - I didn't know what these little bulbs were when I planted them, so I just stuck a few here and there. Next year, I'll put them in one spot together, so it will be more dramatic when they bloom. I was hoping for seeds, but I guess my lack of pollinators killed that possibility.
African Iris - I grew these from seeds, and put them in a line in front of the angel trumpets, but I think I'll do the same with them as the Crocosmia - plant them in a clump, so when they bloom, they'll be more showy. I plan to get more seeds this year from the Kohl's parking lot, so I'll have plenty eventually. I want to put some inside and outside the courtyard.
Cannas - I'm going to move the cannas somewhere, probably up against my side of the privacy fence between me and the neighbor. They are simply too invasive in the garden, and take up too much space. Plus, they shade plants that need more sun.
Hardy Hibiscus  and Blue Perennial Salvia - These two were "rescue" plants from Lowe's markdown rack, and they just didn't do well where I put them. I think the lemon grass and cannas sucked nutrition away from them. I'm going to put them into one of the large terracotta pots and let them grow together in some good potting soil and see what happens.

 Tropical Red Sage - I'm very disappointed in this plant. It's been weak and spindly at best. I'll leave one or two to see if they improve with age, but most of them are coming out.
Purple Trailing Lantana - I planted this in a place where I thought it would spread outward, but instead, it's trying to climb the wall and hasn't bloomed at all this summer. I'm going to move it somewhere that it will get more sun and hopefully get it to bloom.
Ornamental Sweet Potato - This is doing well in the brugmansia bed, but not growing as fast as I'd like. The one in the front outside garden isn't growing much at all, because it's in too much shade and has too much competition. I'm not sure what to do with it, to be honest, but I'll figure it out.
Perennial Hibiscus - the only one I have growing right now is the H. radiatus, but I have seeds for the H. acetosella, H. sabdariffa and H. mechowii. I'm thinking of put them into the brugmansia bed once the three extras are gone, and surrounding them with sweet potatoes. Might not plant the H. mechowii. It's pretty, but prickly and I don't like things that hurt me.

Coleus (various) - I'm not sure I'll be growing coleus next year, other than the pretty yellow one with red striping. I'm letting the rest go to seed, and I'm going to gather the seed, but might not plant any of them. I'm not sure yet. I'm a little tired of having to take cuttings and keep them in the house for the winter, so I may just do the one and let the rest go.
Vinca - I'm going to save the white one, because I like it, but the other two I'll just leave to their own devices this winter. I'll probably put the white one in a container with the yellow coleus next year.
Caladiums - I have three kinds now, and I'm going to put all of them under the hibiscus bushes. I think a nice caladiium bed would be pretty. I'll probably buy some more bulbs too, a white and some paler pinks. I think they will be pretty growing with the peacock gingers.

O.K., enough. I'm sure you're not interested in where every single plant is going. Suffice to say, it will be a very different configuration from what it is now.

Happy Gardening!