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Month-by-Month in North Florida: What to Plant in September

Beautiful calla lilies are wonderful container plants for spring blooms.

September is the main planting month for fall/winter crops in North Florida, so get out your shovels and get to work! All the cole crops can be planted this month, and you still have time to plant bush/pole beans and winter/summer squash although this is the last month to do so. This is also your first month to plant lettuces.

Mid-September is the time to start planting strawberries, in fact,
the UF Vegetable Gardening Guide says to plant them between September 15 and October 15.

Vegetables to Plant in September

*last month to plant these crops
** plant in mid-September

Arugula Beans: bush
& pole*
Beets Broccoli Brussels
Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celery Chinese
Collards Endive/
KaleKohlrabi Lettuce
Mustard Onions,
Radish Spinach
Strawberry** Swiss

Ornamentals to Plant in September

Most of your summer ornamentals that survived the summer will resume blooming when the weather cools in September, and you'll start to see a better selection of plants in garden centers. If you need to refresh or replace some of your summer annuals, try these.

AgeratumCelosiaZinniaWax Begonia

Bulbs to Plant in September

This is the time to plant your elephant ears. Alocasia, Colocasia and Xanthasoma can be successfully planted this month, along with a few other spring-blooming bulbs. For a change in taste, plant a few taro, malanga or eddoe bulbs. You can buy the bulbs right from your local grocery, if available, or from an ethnic grocery. Since they are in the colocasia family, they have beautiful elephant-ear type leaaves that are very ornamental. The young leaves of Xanthasoma are also edible, but no part of the Alocasia is edible, so identify the plants carefully before trying them, and remember that the roots must be cooked before eating because of the oxalic acid crystals they contain.

Elephant's EarCalla LilyNarcissusZephyr Lily

Mexican Tarragon puts on quite a show in the fall garden

Herbs to Plant in September

There is still time to plant a few of your favorite warm-weather herbs, such as


September brings cooler weather and more pleasurable temperatures to work in the garden. If you have any questions about gardening here in Gainesville or the surrounding area, post them in the comments.

Happy Gardening!