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Garden Diary: January 21, 2019 Impatiently Waiting for Last Chance of Frost

I don't really like very cold, freezing weather, which is why I moved to Florida. I moved from SW Florida to North Florida because I missed the seasons. I wanted a short winter where things actually died back and went dormant, but it seems I may have to go a bit further north for that.

It's hard to tell what's going to happen to the weather nowadays. Last year, we had two hard freezes in January that killed back a lot of plants. I was  hoping for one this year,
so I could start anew in the gardens, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get one.

Not much has died back completely. In fact, some things are coming back up! I went out to dig cannas today to send bulbs to a friend, and found sprouts under the leaves I'd covered them with. Last night was supposed to be down to 29 F, but only went down to 40 F. There is no freezing weather forecast  for the rest of the month, and it usually starts warming up in February.

And the rain! This is supposed to be the dry season, but it's definitely not that. It's dreary, cloudy and more humid than it should be, when it's not raining.

It's good in a way, because I still have most of the plants I had started with the intention of selling them, but bad in another way, because I still have all those plants. Plus, I had planned on selling the banana corms after they died back, but they aren't dying back, so I'll have to sell them as is, which is harder to do.

Is it so bad to want a little frost? Just a little. Just enough to clear out the gardens and leave a clean slate. I guess it is this year.