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Month-by-Month in North Florida: What to Plant in November (UPDATED)

Last year's post had me grumbling about not knowing what I was doing in Gainesville, but I've learned a little since then. Plus, the IFAS/UF Vegetable Gardening Guide has been updated, so there will be some changes to what you can and cannot plant in November in North Florida.

Plants From the Spice Rack

Dill Flowers
Did you know that many of the spices you use will grow herbs, veggies or flowers? Yes, they will! Read here, then check out your own spice rack to see what you can find. Tell me if I missed anything.

Garden Diary - October 19, 2016

Hibiscus Radiatus

Well, fall is coming in fast, and whereas parts of the gardens are going to sleep, others are just waking up.  The perennial hibiscus are starting to bloom. the H. radiatus (picture above) is blooming like mad and the Confederate Rose is showing signs

Garden Diary: October 9, 2016

The final blooms of the season of the desert rose

Last year when I brought in all the plants still in containers, I only had a small path left in the LR. This year, when I took the ones inside back out, I kept looking to see if I'd missed anything. Nope. All out. Shocked at just how few I have left to

Waiting On a Hurricane

Meet hurricane Matthew. This is what it looked like at 7:00 AM ET. It's ripping the east coast of FL apart as we speak, tearing down power lines, blowing away houses and knocking down trees. Over here in Gainesville, the effects are scheduled to start rolling in about 11:00 AM ET

The good news is that Matthew is now a Category 3,

Garden Diary: October 2, 2016

Not my sweeet potatoes, but these are the kind I planted

 Oh heavens! Is it October already? I'm flabbergasted! I need to get to work on the October planting post, but right now, I'm too busy trying to get my house ready for my sons to visit me. Of course, like most kids, I have no idea when they are coming. It was going to be the end of this month, then that