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Month-by-Month in North Florida: What to Plant in November (UPDATED)

Last year's post had me grumbling about not knowing what I was doing in Gainesville, but I've learned a little since then. Plus, the IFAS/UF Vegetable Gardening Guide has been updated, so there will be some changes to what you can and cannot plant in November in North Florida.

Veggies To Plant in North Florida in November

This month is good for continuing to plant winter greens and cole crops, and it is the last month for planting bulbing onions.
** Plant by November 15

Arugula BeetsBroccoli Brussels
Carrots CauliflowerCelery Chinese
Kale Kohlrabi MustardOnions,
bulbing **
Radishes Spinach Swiss

Flowers to Plant in North Florida in November

You can still plant cool season annuals this month, as well as a wide variety of bulbs for beautiful spring and summer blooms. Pansies and violas will bring winter color to the garden. Bulbs are marked with a (b).

Chrysanthemum Pansy Viola Amaryllis (b)
Crinum (b) Daylily (b)Spider Lily (b)Flowering
Gingers (b)

Herbs to Plant in North Florida in November

Most herbs will grow well in the cooler fall weather, but some may not survive a freeze. I suggest planting them in containers for easier protection, or in an area where they can be covered during the winter. Those started from bulbs and tubers are marked with a (b). For more information on growing herbs in Florida, check out the UF/IFAS Solutions for Your Life page on Herbs for Fall.

Anise BasilBorage Chervil
DillFennel Garlic (b)
Ginger (b) Lovage ParsleyRosemary
Sage Thyme Turmeric(b)

Winter is on its way, and planting in November is iffy for anything other than very hardy plants. Most years, you will be able to get a crop before the end of January, but with Climate Change making the weather so unpredictable, it's best to prepare as if you will need to protect your plants from the cold.

Happy Planting!

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Fresh Carrots at the Market - Anja Ranenberg via
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