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My Miraculous Pigeon Pea Plant

I started out wanting to grow pigeon peas as a permaculture crop, and as a nitrogen fixer from which I could also get food. I read that you can use them as tomato stakes in the garden, and they fix nitrogen, so they would feed the

Garden Diary: March 16, 2016

As you can see, the outside bed has gotten larger, and this is about as far as I'm going with it. It looks scroungy right now, but once things start growing and blooming, it will be beautiful. I'll put in my three sweet potato slips

Garden Diary: March 9, 2016

Spring is springing all around me, and Accuweather says there is no chance of frost before March 15, so I'm going to start planting now. I didn't lose anything I can see, although the Luna hardy hibiscus was always iffy. Hopefully, it lived