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Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Photo By Karol M from Arizona, USA CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
I love flowers. I've always loved flowers. I love planting things that bloom in my yard and then waiting patiently (well, sometimes not so patiently) for the blossoms to appear. I cry when flowering plants die -- no, really I do!

So imagine how disappointed I feel now. People are literally ripping out their flower beds to grow vegetables. I have nothing against vegetables, mind you. I am all for self-sufficiency and fighting Monsanto and eating healthy. It's just that I love talking about flowers, and now all anyone wants to talk about is tomatoes.

My portable external hard drive disappeared the other day, out of a nice, safe place in my bedroom. On it were dozens of pictures of flowers from this yard and my old yard. I'm praying with all my might that it will show up. Otherwise, all those pictures are just gone, because they aren't stored anywhere else. Well, a few of the are on this blog and a few are stored online, but most of them will just be gone forever if I don't find that hard drive. I also lost copies of every article I ever wrote, but those are online somewhere if I ever wanted to look them all up and copy them down again, which I don't. There was other important stuff on there too, but what I was most upset about was the pictures of the flowers.

To top it off, I just got a new computer. My other computer crashed completely, and everything on the old computer is trapped on the old hard drive. I am hoping that at some point, I can get that old computer fixed or at least get that information off the hard drive, but who knows? More flower pictures gone.

I don't grow vegetables anymore. I'm not saying I never will again, because I probably will, but in and amongst the vegetables, there will always be flowers for the bees and butterflies.  I will never tire of having beautiful things around me that burst forth with blooms.

So all you veggie gardeners, more power to you, but plant a few geraniums somewhere. They will make you feel better, even if you can't eat them.


Sierra said...

Wow.. What a beautiful flowers. I love flowers and there awesome fragrance. Here are some items to plan for healthy and beautiful garden which give a fresh and beautiful look to our home exteriors. Thanks for sharing this post.

Simply Deb said...

Those aren't my flowers, but they are beautiful, aren't they? Thanks for your kind comment, Sierra.