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Keyhole Gardens: An Excellent Way to Grow Food in Dry Areas

A keyhole garden in Africa

I was on Pinterest and discovered an article on Attainable-Sustainable with suggestions for Growing Food in a Drought. That led me to Inspiration Green's article on Keyhole Gardens. Here in Florida, we grow most of our food during our winter dry season, so anything that will save water is of interest to me.

Like so many wonderful things, the idea of keyhole gardens originally came from Africa, but they are becoming popular in many dry, hot places, especially in the U.S. states like California that are affected by a prolonged drought.

Not since Greening the Desert have I seen such an efficient way of using compost to grow food in desert conditions. I think these are much better than raised beds, as they get taller year after year, so by the time you get old and can't bend down to garden anymore, you garden has risen up to meet you.

Inspiration Green's article has several examples of keyhole gardens from all over the world, and video instructions from Send a Cow, a wonderful organization that could use your donations if you are so inclined.

Water is a finite resource, and our food supply is becoming unsafe. We all need to grow some of our own food, and gain knowledge about how to grow more for the future. This is just one way to do that.