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I Am Really Impressed with Dollar Seed

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid for, nor was this post solicited by Dollar Seed. It is my honest opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

I found Dollar Seed awhile ago, looking for beefsteak tomato seeds, but had forgotten about them until this year when I wanted some cheap seeds for my new place. If you like no-frills, old timey heirloom varieties, this is an excellent place to get a bargain. Their seeds are all non-gmo, organic and heirloom. I got a notice the other day that they were having a sale, and I swear, I wish I'd had more money, because I surely would have bought more. As it was, I ordered 12 bags of seeds at the sale price of $.75 each. Shipping was about $3.25, I think. It was less than the $12 I had in PayPal -- yes, you can pay with PayPal, which makes it so convenient for me.

The seeds came in a padded envelope, nicely labeled in zipper plastic bags (they sell these, too), and I was amazed at the number of seeds in each packet. The packet even has a germination rate on it. There is nothing fancy, no planting instructions, but I guess if you're ordering these seeds, you know how to plant them.

I got these varieties, which are some of my favorites:

Cosmos "Sensation Mix" - 200 seeds
Gaillardia aristata - 145 seeds
Common Thyme - 220 seeds
Chives - 125 seeds
Okra "Clemson Spineless" - 60 seeds
Nasturtium "Jewel Mix" - 25 seeds (large seeds)
Tomato - Beefsteak 91 Seeds
Tomato - Roma 91 seeds
Pepper - California Wonder 55 seeds
New Zealand Spinach - 17 seeds (uncommon plant, so this is a great amount for the price)
Yellow Straightneck Squash - 39 seeds
Boston Pickling Cucumber - 32 seeds

As you can see, there is nothing fancy here, just common varieties, but they are some of the most popular and best growing varieties as well. They do have some interesting varieties I'd like to try like Chiogga  and Detroit Gold beets and "Great White" tomato. With what you save buying the common varieties from Dollar Seed, you can buy a few of those fancy-schmancy hard-to-find seeds from some other place.

I got so many seeds that I am sharing with a friend who has a tiny garden spot and only needs a few seeds of each, and since I have a small garden spot too, I will have some left over for next year.

There are about 100 varieties of vegetable seeds and quite a few flower and herb seeds as well. Some of them come in bulk and they also have a few varieties of sprouting seeds. They also have garden seed kits and a big box of one of every variety they sell in the store for a great discount.

But if you read their About Us page, you will see the best reason to buy from them. Part of their profits go to feed the poor, and they donate seeds to schools and outreach programs. It's a great way to help people and help yourself to some great seeds at big savings.

Check them out. I don't think you'll regret it. I certainly don't.