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Garden Diary: November 10, 2016

Not much to say today. I planted some sweet potato slips this summer, just mostly for ground cover. I had a few that had come back up from the winter, which I just let grow. I don't know how to grow them up here, obviously, because
I dug one up today and found absolutely nothing.

I don't know what the problem is, maybe there was just too much planted around them. I'm going to try giving them their own bed next year and see what happens. There were a few that came back up from what I planted last summer, but they're all around things that could be damaged if I tried to dig around them. If I let them die back, they may get too cold and be damaged, and it will be too cold to cure them outside.

I didn't really expect tubers, but I hoped. This whole garden has been an experiment, and most of the veggie part has failed, so I'm going to just concentrate on flowers now.

On the other hand, the few collards I planted have started to grow a bit, and I'm looking forward to being able to eat some in a few weeks. The lettuce is getting big enough to pick a few baby leaves, but it's not enough for a salad.

I found out that the University community garden is $15 for six months with a $35 deposit. The only drawback is that you have to attend three 2-hour work parties per every 6 months, which would be hard for me in the heat. It's close by, and I could ride my bike there, but I'd have to work out something about the work parties. Maybe they would let me do some work when I'm there and skip the parties. I'll call and ask at least.

Well, the angel trumpets are still blooming, so I'm going outside to get a whiff of that lovely aroma.