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Garden Diary 10/11/2015: Garden Surprises

One of my favorite things are mystery and surprise plants. I thought I had planted grape tomato seeds from the store, but the fruit on the bush is a cherry tomato. I can't remember if I actually planted any cherry tomatoes or not, but I don't think so. They're small, round and one is starting to ripen, so we'll see what it turns out to be. 
Then I have the surprise tomato seedlings that popped up in an old, dried up 6-pack. I've transplanted 6 of them back into said six-pack and will be growing them out to see exactly what they are. They all came up in one corner of the cell, like they were spilled there. That well may be. I spilled my package of Cherokee Purple seeds last spring, and recovered very few of them, so hopefully, these are them. The seedlings are very purple, which may just be cold stress, but I'm crossing my fingers they actually are Cherokee Purple. I won't know for several months, but the anticipation is fun.

When I was cleaning up my seeds today, I found some dust-like seeds in the bottom of a bag. I looked at all my tiny seeds, but couldn't figure out what they are. I put them into a bag as "unknown" and will plant them to see what comes up. Found a few more tiny black seeds, and couldn't figure out what they are either, so another "unknown" for planting.
There was a leafless plant in a gallon pot that has been lying out on the grass between buildings for a week or so. Nobody had claimed it, so I brought it home, scraped the bark and found green. I'm watering it and will be happy to see what it is. The bark looks a lot like the Clerodendrum bungei growing back behind another building, but it could also be a mimosa. I guess I'll find out. Can't imagine how it got out there, but it's just another one of my "rescues." If it isn't something I want, I'll just give it away or plant it somewhere on the property.
That's all for today. I'm having such a good time with my gardening. I'll have much more to share later when I have more time. Happy Gardening, everyone!