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WBITG - Sping is Springing Fast in Flowers!

In case you don't know, WBITG stands for What's Blooming In The Garden. I've sort of slacked up on these posts lately, but I'd like to get back to them, so here goes.

It's April 2, and it seems to be very quickly moving into summer. The temperature today is predicted
to be 92F. Are you joking? I'm in utter disbelief. It seems there is no spring here anymore, just winter, summer and fall. Spring just started on March 21, and it's already hot as haedes.

So I have a few things blooming, but not a lot yet. As you can see from the top picture, all the vinca are starting to bloom, although I've cut them all back drastically, so they'll take awhile to bush out into all their colorful beauty.

Some of the Amaryllis are blooming, most notably the Stargazer which I "rescued" from an apartment where someone moved last year (top photo), but the red ones I inherited from a community garden member a couple of years ago have three bloom stalks and are putting on a show.

The Desert Rose is starting to bloom. I had hoped to be able to cut it back before it bloomed, but all this warm weather had brought it out early. I still plan to cut it back, though. That's another red amaryllis bud just opening next to it.

The butterfly weed is going gangbusters and has already been visited by a couple of monarchs, so I'm expecting cats soon.

My favorite wildflower, the wild petunia I dug up from the first place I lived temporarily in Gainesville, is doing extremely well and although my camera doesn't show the lovely, pale blue color of the flowers, they are one of my very favorites.

So spring is here, and soon the gardens will all be bursting with color. I have packs and packs of flower seeds yet to plant, and I'm hoping my butterfly garden will be a showcase this year. Spring is my favorite season.

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