Month-by-Month in North Florida: What to Plant in March

This is our prime planting time in North Florida, the time when we plant most of what people consider summer annuals and vegetables. There are still a few hardier winter crops you can plant, but I try to get those into the ground as early in the month as possible.

Since there are so many entries for this month, I've made a separate list of those vegetables where March is the absolute last month to plant them. Try to get them into the ground early if you're planting from seed.

Annuals to plant in March in North Florida 

Your cool weather annuals will probably thrive for another month or so if the temps don't get too high, but consider adding some of the warmer season annuals now as well. Check out your local garden centers to see what they are offering.

Angelonia Coleus Cosmos Marigold Zinnia

Bulbs to plant in March in North Florida:

Canna Dahlia Gloriosa lilies Ginger

NOTE: You can also plant edible ginger this month. It grows well in containers, but be sure to have a container large enough for it to spread.

Last Chance to Plant These Vegetables

Beets Carrots Celery Endive/Escarole
Lettuce Bunching OnionsShallots English Peas
Potatoes Radish

Vegetables to Plant in North Florida in March

If you want Halloween pumpkins, get them started this month to ensure they are ready for Jack-o-lantern making!

Beans Cantaloupe Corn Cucumbers
Eggplant KohrabiMustard Okra
Peppers Sweet Potatoes PumpkinSummer Squash
Winter Squash Tomatoes TurnipsWatermelon

South Florida Month-by-Month: What to Plant in March

There are still seeds you can put in the ground in March. It's also time to plant summer vegetables, while still planting for another crop of your current winter-grown veggies. If you had frozen veggies this winter, you can replant those now and get a crop before the heat hits.

It's too late to start many cooler season vegetables, such as broccoli and greens, from seed, but you can buy starter plants and possibly get another harvest before hot weather hits.

Heat resistant annuals such as Zinnia, Marigold, and Cosmos are excellent choices to add color during warmer weather. Plant Coleus seeds now for everlasting summer color.

Annuals to plant in March in South Florida:

Ageratum Marigold Begonia Zinnia Coleus
Cosmos PortulacaSalvia Amaranthus Vinca
Aster Torenia Balsam Gloriosa Daisy

Vegetables to plant in South Florida in March:

Beans Cantaloupe Corn Cucumber
Mustard OnionPeppers Radish
Southern Peas Summer Squash Sweet PotatoesTomatoes