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The Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) Bed Is In

So last week the yard crew decided to blow all my leaves up against the wall. They don't like my leaf piles. The week before, they mowed over the pile I had by the fence. Anyway, having a nice, clear spot in front of the bed completely devoid
of grass, I decided to go ahead and plant the brug bed before they came and did some other mischief to my leaves.

So here it is. If you click the above picture, you'll get the original size. I bordered it with the African Irises I grew from seeds rescued from the Kohl's parking lot, which is hard to see here, but the closeup below shows it more clearly. I'm not too sure they'll do well there, because it gets rather wet in the summer, but we'll see.

As you can see, the border is fallen limbs from the oaks across the road by the pond. I'll replace them with something better once I get some money, but for now, they will keep the yard crew out, hopefully. They tend to like to weed whack anything that looks like grass, so I'm putting a sign up that says "THIS IS A GARDEN. Do Not Edge or Weed Whack This Area." Or maybe I'll just stick some white plant stakes all along the front so they'll know not to whack the irises down. That would probably work.

I have no idea what colors or species these brugs are, except that at least one is pink. I guess I'll find out when they bloom. I may have to move them in the winter, but I think they'll just stay where they are, no matter what colors are where.

I was thrilled to find lots of earthworms in the soil. Evidently, parking the leaves there all winter made them very happy. I put leaves into the planting holes, so they'll love chomping down on those and will leave some lovely poop behind to feed the roots. I'm sure they will also make short work of the leaf much, but I'll cover that with moss soon, because the moss just looks better overall than the leaves. I'm going to plant some ornamental sweet potatoes in this bed as well, once I get some cutting started and the leaves settle in.

So one more project down. My neighbor wants to put his veggie bed in, but he doesn't have much time, so in the meantime, I'll start working on the courtyard, which is a mess. I still have many plants and no clue where some are going. I'll figure it out, though. I think the outside bed is going to be jam-packed before I'm done.

Happy Gardening!


Cody Z. said...

Where did you get your Brugs? My new house had probably 20 planted and they got huge before the winter came. I cut them back (took lots of cuttings) and they are all coming back nice. I see people sell them on craigslist but I've never seen them in a garden center/nursery. I wonder if there is a market for them so I can sell the ones I grew from cuttings. All mine are yellow though.

Simply Deb said...

Cody, Mine came as cuttings from a friend. I don't even know what color they are, or anything else about them. They rooted easily. Garden centers don't like to carry them because some people won't buy them because of the toxicity. I wish I could get one of your yellow ones! I was wanting a yellow, and I think all I got was pink. Maybe we can trade in the fall.

Cody Z. said...

Sounds like a plan!