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Garden Diary Feb. 1, 2019: Drastic Pruning Has Begun

I couldn't wait any more, so I went and whacked  back the Christmas cassia (Cassia bicapsularis) and the Cranberry hibiscus (H. acetosella). I was going to do the confederate rose too, but I want to root some of those cuttings to sell, so I need to wait a bit for those.

I hope all chance of a hard freeze is over, but who knows? I just know that I"m sick of all these plants, and since I'm trying to do something different this year with more annuals, I'm going to sell or give away most of my tender container plants and concentrate on things I don't have to worry about over the winter.

I also need to cut back the tropical milkweed, because I've pretty much given up on having a Monarch farm. The lizards and other critters just love eating the larvae too much. I'll root the cuttings and dig up the plants, then put them into pots and sell them. I may just sell them as "you dig" bare root plants. haven't decided yet.

There is much to do this time of year, especially when you're trying to redo the whole garden. I just want a clean and clear courtyard and something easier to care for outside that won't overgrow its space and multiply out of control. The original plan just isn't working without any full sun, and narrow garden beds. It's time to rethink things.